A story to be experienced

Authenticity and tradition in every little jar

Calemone farm has been investing all its enthusiasm and skills for more than 30 years to create products that can fully reflect the goodness and genuineness of flavors that have been handed down for centuries.

In a small strip of land that overlooks Torre Guaceto Natural Reserve‘s beaches that cultivations of fiaschetto tomato and olives follow their natural course giving us year after year, fruits that collect all the essence of a red earth, red like the passion of hands that have permetted to her to come back to life.

Calemone is love, sacrifice, passion for this land

All the effort and passion to bring the best to your table

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A careful planning and precise crop rotation allow to the land to always be able to produce vegetables and fruits without the yield and quality being affected in any way.

The use of ancient cultivation techniques allow to products of the Calemone Agricultural Company to bring all the genuine and typical flavors of the Salento tradition to your homes.

The Fiaschetto Tomato

A Slow food presidium from biologic farming

The fiaschetto tomato represents the historical cultivar of this territory, a fresh consumer product with an oval berry with lace, a bright red color and a green collar, a thin skin, rich in seeds and a very tasty and concentrated pulp, which gives us a distinguishable and intense flavor.

Superior quality oils

The extra virgin olive oil of Azienda Agricola Calemone comes from an important effort aimed at enhancing and revitalizing the typical agriculture of the area, essentially based on the awareness that only a clean and fair use of the cultivation, production and processing of this resource can guarantee the agricultural (economic and environmental) sustainability of the area.

Slow Food Presidia

Calemone's challenge for a BIO production

The love and passion contained in each small jar has reached unexpected heights, albeit secretly dreamed of for some time. The exhausting search for perfection in every phase of production has done the rest: finally seeing the fruits of one’s work adorned with the precious Slow Food award is a source of pride.

Slow food Calemone’s products are synonymous with genuineness, sustainability and quality.


Produttori di passata di pomodoro fiaschetto BIO e di olio extra vergine di oliva. Scopri tutti i prodotti all’interno della sezione Shop del sito web dell’Azienda Agricola Calemone.

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